Baby Boomers and Seniors – Elder Abuse (Ep. 1)

Purchase here: – the only book written to guide this group through the dangers that stalk them in the darkness of telephone schemes, of family member’s plots, and mal-intentioned telemarketers, and those who steal their life savings. This is one book that takes this group by the hand to bring safety, freedom and joy of older age, step-by-step. taking care and making sound decision for aging parents becomes much easier with Baby Boomers & Seniors. For more info:

Janice Lauderdale has once again showered a bright light on an ugly topic. More and more we hear instances of family members committing unspeakable acts on those they are supposed to love. Ms. Lauderdale’s mission is to bring awareness to this issue that many baby boomers who are seniors must deal with and to give them tools to arm themselves with. Great read!

This book has great advice for seniors and their families. Real stories about the abuse and how others prey and take advantage of our elders. Thanks Janice Lauderdale for taking the time to address a common area that most of us busy professionals over-look until it hits homes. This author talks about stuff we don’t want to discuss. She breaks it down into real life scenarios and gives wonderful advice on how to handle these situations. Incredible work – please take this seriously!

I found the book to have very valuable information for the elderly plus the ” boomers” who care for them. As people age they need to prepare for what is, in effect, their short future. Janice Lauderdale has done excellent research on things that seem to happen often to older people who are not as alert as they were in their younger days.

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