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Self-Certification for Firearm Safety Courses
List of Self-Certifications for Firearm Safety Courses

Picture of elderly couple playing cards.The following programs and services are provided directly or through contracted providers of the Monroe County Office for the Aging. All contracted providers are selected through procurement and approved by the Monroe County Legislature. With the exception of services for victims of Elder Abuse and services requiring a cost share, all contracted providers must request a suggested contribution. These funds are then used to enhance services for more older adults or additional units of service. An eligible person cannot be denied service for failure or refusal to contribute outside of required cost share and/or when they are a victim of Elder Abuse. Individuals earning more than 185% of the Federal Poverty Level are asked to consider contributions in line with the actual cost of service. 
Phone: 585-723-7260
This is a social model adult day program for Monroe County residents age 60 and over. This structured and comprehensive program helps functionally imparied frail older persons with socialization, supervision and monitoring, personal care, and nutrition in a protective setting Monday through Friday. Additional services may include maintenance and enhancement of daily living skills, caregiver assistance, and case coordination. Services are provided at etiher St. Mary's, located at 89 Genesee Street, Bishop Kearney Building, Rochester, NY 14611 or St. Bernard's, located at 2260 Lake Avenue, Building 5, Rochester, NY 14612. 
Currently the day care program is closed.
Phone: (585) 753-6280
Under the Older Americans Act, the Monroe County Office for the Aging is tasked with advocating for the rights and needs of older adults and persons with disabilities. Our office listens to the needs of our community and then educates New York State, the US Administration on Community Living, and other entities about those needs. 
Phone: (585) 244-8400
Providing care for an ill or aging loved one means that everyday brings a range of emotions and challenges. Training and support for persons caring for an older adult or individual with disabilities (of any age) is available through the Caregiver Resource Center at Lifespan. In addition to information and assistance and a variety of resources, individuals can sign up to participate in a self-care education workshop for family caregivers called "Powerful Tools for Caregivers". This evidence based program has proven to improve stress levels, communication skills, self-care and use of community resources. 
Phone: (585) 760-5400
Training and Support Groups for persons caring for an older relative or friend with Alzheimer's Disease and other related memory care issues, along with information and referral.
Phone: (585) 325-2800. 
Email: [email protected]
This program is the designated Aging and Disability Resource Center for conflict free, unbiased information, assistance, and referrals about long term services and supports regardless of age or disability. Assistance is also provided to individuals in need of help applying for public benefits to support their care needs. Services are available Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm.
Phone: (585) 325-2800
Caseworkers provide assessment, short-term problem solving, crisis intervention, education and advocacy for Monroe County residents age 60 and over throughout Monroe County. These caseworkers also assist senior citizens in applying for benefits such as food stamps, tax credits, SSI, etc.
Phone: (585) 730-8800
Oasis is a national education organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for mature adults. Offering challenging programs in the arts, humanities, wellness, and volunteer services, Oasis Rochester creates opportunities for older adults to continue their personal growth and meaningful service to the community.
Educational, informational, cultural and health/fitness programs are offered to Monroe County residents age 50 and older. Located at Oasis Rochester, a wide variety of classes enable older adults to renew past interests and learn new skills. Oasis Rochester offers many volunteer opportunities, including intergenerational programs. Classes are available through Zoom and Oasis Rochester.
Oasis Rochester is located at 259 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607. For more information on Oasis, or to receive a course catalog, please call 585-730-8800 between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm, Monday through Friday. You can also view current course offerings on the Oasis Rochester website.
Oasis Website
Phone: (585) 244-8400
Elder Abuse is one of the most prevalent issues surrounding the health and wellness of older adults across our country. Sadly it is most often perpetrated by another family member or friend. For every case of elder abuse reported, 23 cases go unreported. When you suspect financial exploitation, physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect or when you would like a speaker on the issue of elder abuse, please contact our contracted provider and community partner at Lifespan. The program's director, Art Mason, CSW, is a nationally recognized expert in prevention and intervention strategies.
Phone: (585) 325-2800
Caseworkers and trained volunteers provide a voluntary money management service for Monroe County residents age 60 and over. Individuals requesting assistance receive a variety of services including needs assessment, financial planning, assistance in obtaining benefits, credit counseling, and bill paying. See agency about any associated costs or suggested contributions.
Phone: (585) 325-2520
Assistance and/or advocacy is provided to Monroe County residents age 60 and over with legal issues. Help may be provided for issues including: Social Security, SSI, Medicaid and other public benefits, landlord-tenant problems, simple wills, utility problems, and Power of Attorney.
Phone: (585) 244-8400
This program provides free, accurate and objective information, counseling, assistance, and advocacy on Medicare, private health insurance, and related health coverage plans for Monroe County residents age 60 and over and/or their representative.
Phone: (585) 244-8400
This program helps to reduce the fear of falling and increase the activity level of older adults who have concerns about falling. It also boosts confidence levels and desire to continue to engage in regular physical activity.
Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention is also an evidence-based program for area seniors, age 60 and older. This program is offered at Monroe County senior centers, as well as other community-based settings where older adults congregate.
Phone: (585) 244-8400
This program aims to improve symptoms of depression in older adults in the community and to provide information and assistance to the home-bound elderly. Home-based depression care management involves active screening for depression, measurement-based outcomes, trained depression care managers, case management and assistance, patient education via health promotion and assistance and access to community based mental health providers.
Phone: (585) 244-8400
This is an evidence-based program that was developed by the National Council on Aging. The Aging Mastery Program core curriculum covers 10 topics. These topics include navigating longer lives, exercise, healthy eating and hydration, medication management, advance planning, financial fitness, healthy relationships, sleep, fall prevention, and community engagement.
Phone: (585) 244-8400
The Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) & Diabetes Self- Management Program (DSMP) workshops utilize peer leaders to help people better manage chronic conditions, make informed health decisions, and live comfortable, fulfilling lives. These programs will result in less health care utilization, reduced use of medications and decreases in pain.
Phone: (585) 244-8400
Alcohol and medication use and misuse among older adults is one of the fastest growing health problems facing the country, and is largely unnoticed and under-treated. 
 OAARP staff support older adults in taking steps to decrease their misuse of substances and move toward full abstinence,  if possible. OAARP assists older adults in minimizing the harm their behavior is causing to their health, mental health and overall functioning. OAARP can also connect older adults with the formal chemical dependency system.
Phone: (585) 262-7060
All Monroe County residents age 60 and over receiving EISEP services are provided with case management, assuring appropriate and cost-effective care. General components include screening, assessment, development of a care plan, authorization of in-home services, and on-going monitoring and evaluation to ensure appropriate services are being provided. There is no cost for eligible participants meeting certain income guidelines. There may be a cost share depending on financial elgibility for the program.
Phone: (585) 325-2800
This program is specifically designed for individuals being served through the Elder Abuse Prevention Program. Services include transportation, social and medical day care, and in-home aide services.
Phone: (585) 325-2800
Friendly visiting, housekeeping, light chore service, and escorted transportation to medical appointments or grocery stores are provided to Monroe County residents age 60 and over who are frail or elderly and do not have other local supports.
Phone: (585) 787-8397
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One or two meals are provided to residents of Monroe County aged 60 and over who are homebound due to illness or disability, and who are unable to prepare their own meals. Meals are available five days per week, with provision for weekend meals if needed. There is no cost to eligible participant but there is a suggested contribution of $3.50 per meal. For individuals earning more than 185% of the Federal Poverty Rate, we ask for individuals to consider contributing closer to actual cost of  $7.00 per meal. The 2021-22 Federal Poverty Rate for individuals at 185% of Annual Gross Income is: $23,828 for a single family household, $32,227 for a two family household. Eligible participants cannot be denied service for failure or refusal to contribute. All collected contributions go back into the program to enhance the program and reduce wait lists.
Phone: (585) 753-6280
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Senior center participants and recipients of home delivered meals are provided with nutrition information to help them maintain good health and prevent the onset of nutrition-related diseases. Congregate meals are available for anyone age 60 and over, the spouse of a person aged 60 and over or an adult disabled child who lives with a particating eligible person. There is no cost for eligble participants, but there is a suggested contribution of $3.50 per meal.

New York State Office for the Aging and the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets have issued a limited number of coupon booklets to the Monroe County Office for the Aging. Each coupon booklet is valued at $25. The booklets are for adults age 60 and over only.  The booklets are available on a first come, first serve basis and are limited to one booklet per qualifying person. Individuals must be 60 years old or older and meet income guidelines outlined below. An individual’s income must be at or below 185% of the current year’s federal poverty level this includes all pre-taxed income and includes any income earned working as well as income as the result of pensions, retirement, social security or other money earned. Coupons may be used until November 30 of the year of issuance.  A list of locations on where older adults can obtain these coupon books is typically posted in July of each year and removed at the end of November each year.
2022 Monthly Poverty Income Guidelines:
Distribution Sites have the Farmers Market Coupon Books available now for distribution.
If a participant is unable to pick up the coupon by themselves, they can complete the below attached Eligibility Form and Proxy Form to name another adult as their proxyThe individual named as proxy can then present the eligibility form and proxy form at the site and pick-up coupons on their behalf.
           Eligibility Form – English   Proxy Form – English
           Eligibility Form – Spanish  Proxy Form – Spanish 
We recommend that you call the distribution site to see if they have specific dates for distribution and to see if they have any remaining coupon books.
Click below on FMNP Program List of Monroe County Authorized Markets for regular markets, and FMNP Program List of Authorized Finger Lakes Region Mobile Markets for mobile markets. Attached below are the Market Lists as of 7/29/2022.
       • 2022 Farmers Market Nutrition Program List of Monroe County Authorized Markets (7/29/2022)
       • 2022 Farmers Market Nutrition Program List of Authorized Finger Lakes Region Mobile Markets (7/29/2022)
If you or someone you know appears to be struggling to pay bills; has to decide between buying their medications, food and/or the electric bills, or it appears that they have limited to no food in their home, they may be food insecure. These friends and family members may be eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as Food Stamps). To apply for SNAP benefits, you can go to click below or call our NY Connects Program at 585-325-2800 for application assistance.
Apply For Snap Benefits
Phone: (585) 753-6280
Twenty senior programs, located throughout Monroe County, serve residents ages 60 and over. All offer a nutritious meal and many offer a complete calendar of recreational, cultural, educational, health and social service programs. Transportation service is available at many programs. Individuals age 60 and over need not be a resident of the community in order to participate in the meal, however, they may have to be a resident and/or pay a fee to participate in recreational programming provided at the center.
For a List of Monroe County Office for the Aging sponsored Senior Center Program sites, please click below.
Sponsored Senior Center Program Sites
Accessible vehicles provide transportation to and from Monroe County Office for the Aging's sponsored congregate meals sites at area senior and community centers. In addition, transportation is provided for special events, shopping, and recreational trips scheduled and managed by the site. Please contact your local senior and/or community center to identify transportation options available. Please go to: https://www.monroecounty.gov/aging-centers.php for a list of these sites.
Phone: (585) 325-2800
Transportation is coordinated by a mobility specialist for persons age 60+ throughout Monroe County.                                                                                                     
Many programs are operated with the assistance of volunteers. If you are interested in offering your time and talent to one of these programs, please call the Office for the Aging at (585) 753-6280 for more information.  If you have an interest in working with older adults, or you are an older adult interested in volunteering, please call our office and we will help you identify an opportunity that fits your interests and talents.


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