I Wish Someone Told Me: The 10 Things All Caregivers and Aging Adults Should Know About Caregiving

I Wish Someone Told Me: The 10 Things All Caregivers and Aging Adults Should Know About Caregiving

In this video, caregiving expert Pamela D. Wilson combines 20+ years of professional and personal experience and humor to share common caregiving surprises. Ten topics about caregiving experiences are discussed that respond to statements by the caregiver of “I wish someone told me caregiving would be like this” and of the aging adult, “I wish someone told me aging would be like this.”

Caregiving is rarely discussed as if caregiving is something we shouldn’t talk about until the responsibility becomes a reality. Worry exists that if we talk about caregiving, loved ones may decline to help. The United States is a youth oriented society that postpones talking about aging, caregiving, power of attorney, and physial health declines until they occur.

New caregivers are shocked by being swept up into a whirlwind of activity after being catapulted into caregiving. The role of caregiver happens unexpectedly with a 3 a.m. emergency phone call.
Family members who have been caregiving for some time, experience emotional and physical decline as the responsibilities of caregiving increase. Aging adults feel guilty that they need care and have to rely on aging children and family for care.

Caregiving and power of attorney are family issues. Having caregiving conversations early and frequently help families create a caregiving plan and a back-up plan to avoid unexpected situations.

Pamela D. Wilson, the caregiving expert, helps caregivers and aging adults solve caregiving problems. Information about online caregiving support groups and courses is available on her website:


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