Ray McGuire raised in Dayton Ohio by single mother, received a scholarship to a private school on fifth grade, walked almost a mile to pick up the bus school from sixth to eleventh grade, before moving to Boston for his senior year

“When I came to New York I had three things, a great education lot of debt and no money,” McGuire said.

I look across this city and I see what COVID has done to expose and exacerbate the conditions in healthcare, education, the economy and the criminal justice system,” McGuire said. “This city is broke and its divided It’s facing a crisis in each category.”

“I look at the other mayoral candidates and they’ve collectively been in office for more than a hundred years,” McGuire said. “I look at that and ask where are we and we’ve gone  backwards.”

Track 3: What I call this is the greatest most inclusive economic comeback in New York City. Go big go small go forward 0:-200 before second quote

2:00-3:00 small businesses

4:40- end crime more trained specialists, focus on gun violence, intelligence techniques

Some people think adding more cops is gonna solve the problem, that misdiagnosis is part of the problem, all the cops can’t solve that, this takes change from the district attorney and state legislatures.” McGuire said. “So if you have a prior conviction for a violent crime or possession of an illegal firearm and you’re arrested with a loaded gun , you should be held in jail with no exceptions.

“And if you’re facing active felony charges and out on your own recognizance and you’re arrested with  a loaded gun, you should be held in jail with no exceptions. This should be mandatory. If you’re a repeat offender you should be remanded with no exceptions

6:17 mental health

I want the police to have respect accountability and proportionality, the reason theres no respect…

restructure the department, deputy safety officer to oversee police, day-to-day management vchaih of command accountability, mental health core team

keep listening

Track 4:

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