An Atheist’s Perspective of Religion

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00:00 Necessary Gods
02:10 Brutish & Short
04:08 Opium of the People
05:05 Valhalla
08:42 Sky Burial
09:42 Who We Are
10:43 MANmade
11:23 Fish Out of Water
12:57 Parseltongue
15:14 It’s 3AM!


1) Existence is Strange | Hassan Radwan:

2) Vikings | History Channel

3) The Sociological Approach to Religion | Lumen Learning:

4) To Tibetan Buddhists, sky burials are sacred. To tourists, they’re a morbid curiosity | AEON:

5) Atlas Obsecura | Give My Body to the Birds: The Practice of Sky Burial:

6) Sex Differences in the Emergence of Leadership During Competitions Within and Between Groups | Mark Van Vugt and Brian R. Spisak:

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