Bill Cosby Not Allowed to Perform at One of New York’s Most Popular Comedy Venues

Bill Cosby might be free, but he’s starting to see quite a few roadblocks are ahead.

A popular comedy venue, Comedy Cellar, located in New York City’s Greenwich Village has already nullified any chance of the just-released comedian performing there. The owner of the Comedy Cellar, Noam Dworman told TMZ that he doesn’t want Cosby to even step foot inside his club.

This is the same comedy venue that allowed white comedians Louis C.K. and Aziz Ansari to perform at the venue back in 2018 after both comedians had their own sexual misconduct scandals.

Last month, Pennsylvania’s highest court, the State Supreme Court, overturned Bill Cosby’s sex assault conviction, citing a previous agreement that prevented him from being charged in the first place. Cosby celebrated with friends and family by eating pizza and collard greens. Ever since he was given the freedom to roam again, many people have conflicted feelings about his release.

But, apparently, news of what Dworman said didn’t faze Cosby at all as he just celebrated his 84th birthday on Monday and announced it on his Twitter account.

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