Black Excellist: 20 Pioneering Black Architects

Black Excellist: 20 Pioneering Black Architects

00:00- Intro
01:22- Norma Sklarek
02:42- John S. Chase
03:38- Harvey Benard Gantt
04:33- J. Max Bond, JR.
05:44- Robert R. Taylor
07:10- Beverly Loraine Greene
08:11- John Warren Moutoussamy
09:05- Moses Mckissack the Third
10:10- Walter T. Bailey
11:10- Vertner Woodson Tandy
12:01- Wallace Augustus Rayfield
12:41- William Sidney Pittman
13:27- Julian Abele
14:27- Clarence W. ‘Cap’ Wigington
15:16- John Edmonston Brent
15:50- Louis Arnett Stuart Bellinger
16:31- Paul Revere Williams
18:01- Albert Irvin Cassell
18:55- Robert Traynham Coles
20:26- Roberta Washington
21:19- Outro
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Architects beautify and reconceptualize city skylines, devise public spaces that bring art out of galleries and to the masses, and create environmentally conscious structures to preserve our planet’s dwindling resources. African Americans were long barred from the architecture profession and have always faced enormous social and economic barriers.

Today, African American architects and designers are individual boundary-pushers willing to disrupt convention and welcome the spotlight. And we want to celebrate the number of Black Architects who have managed, designed, and constructed some of today’s most admired structures. You have are driven, intelligent, and unafraid, much like the black builders who came before you, you are trailblazers in your own ways, leaving your indelible mark on the world for years to come.

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