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Almost 13% of Texans — 3.7 million people — are age 65 and older, and the number is growing. It is projected that by 2050, Texans age 65 and older will increase to 8.3 million, representing 17% of the state’s population. This growth likely means there will also be an increase in the need for all types of health and human services, such as health care, home care, personal care and long-term care.
Texas Health and Human Services provides a range of services for older Texans to help ensure their well-being, dignity and choices. Programs also are in place to support family caregivers.
Experienced HHS staff and paid contractors can help eligible older Texans access services that:
Some programs, such as those provided by local area agencies on aging, are available to everyone who is age 60 or older. However, other services, such as in-home care or nursing home care, are based on income and resources.
To learn more, review the list of all HHS long-term programs and services, then access the easy-to-use search function to find your local HHS office, aging and disability resource center, area agency on aging or local authority. You can also visit to find out about available services and to apply for benefits.
If you are unsure how HHS can help, call 855-937-2372 to talk to a trained professional who will guide you to the right options to help meet your needs.
Eligible older Texans may qualify for federal and state programs that pay benefits, pay health care costs or provide food. If you want to sign up for one of these programs, visit the websites below to find out if you might be eligible or to apply for benefits.
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