Celebrate BHM With The ‘My Black Is Power’ Playlist

Every year, we find new ways to celebrate the contributions of prominent Black leaders during Black History month. The lists typically include those who have been trailblazers, wavemakers, and disruptors. People who have spoken out and stood up for the greater good despite the obstacles that may have been in their way. Not only is Black History Month an opportunity to give these individuals some shine for elevating the culture, but it’s an unapologetic reminder of the brilliance, talent, values and passion we have provided to this world.

For Black History Month 2021, This Is Certified, Sony Music’s Hip Hop and RB catalog division, is partnering with BET.com for the launch of “My Black Is,” a four-part thematic series that commemorates Black artists – past, present and future. It also commemorates an essential influence on popular culture – from the underground to the mainstream.

The first in the series, “My Black Is POWER,” premieres today (February 1) with the My Black Is POWER playlist (available via Spotify.) You’ll find a collection of songs – both classic and contemporary – that embody elements of Black power and excellence as well as a continued fight for equality and justice.

Whether marching for Black Lives Matter or needing a little pick me up for the people, these selections will take you to a place of pride and endurance. The list includes “Mighty Mighty” by Earth, Wind Fire, “We March” by Prince, “Run The World (Girls)” by Beyoncé, “Proud To Be Black” by Run-DMC and “This Is America” by Childish Gambino, along with many more.

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Each week throughout Black History month, BET.com readers will experience subsequent installments of the “My Black Is” series including: “My Black Is LOVE,” right before Valentine’s day, “My Black Is HISTORY,” which celebrates the classics of Hip Hop, RB and Jazz and “My Black Is CULTURE,” a look at younger artists and evolving Black culture.

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