Celebrity DJ Jay Claxton and Casay Vaughn Have Love and Business on Lock

Multitalented on-air radio personality, celebrity DJ, actor, influencer, and media personality, “The Franchise” Jay Claxton, and award-winning entertainment and media executive Dr. Casay Vaughn have partnered together to bring us “Love and Business on Lock.” A part of the Franchise Group of businesses which include Franchise Travel Agency, FRNCHS CLOTHING, Franchise Music, Franchise Radio, and Prosperity Franchise, Claxton, and Vaughn are determined to build their businesses as successfully as they build their relationship. 

Love and Business on lock feature couples who share their journeys of how their professional relationships transitioned to romantic relationships. The series will highlight each couple’s individual and collective experiences that contributed to them moving beyond the original purpose of their connections. 

“There are so many couples out there who are similar to Jay and me,” says Vaughn. “Couples are successfully building a business together and finding ways to do this while growing the love they have for one another.”

“We hear the term power-couple all the time,” adds Claxton. We want to not only highlight couples who are in business together but also provide information on how couples are making business and love work.”

In business and love, there are rules of engagement. This series helps listeners understand and navigate the differences and similarities between the two. 

“We have learned valuable lessons, and our audience has received so many actionable takeaways as they manage business and relationships,” says Vaughn. 

Claxton adds, “we have a range of personalities that we discuss experiences with. Whether it’s a celebrity couple or everyday couples in business together, everyone walks away with something to use in their daily interactions.”

Beginning as business partners Claxton and Vaughn developed a bond as they worked so closely together. Soon this working relationship developed into a romantic one. The ability to mix love and business turned into Love and Business on Lock. Claxton and Vaughn are proof that you can build a business together and build your romantic relationship at the same time. 

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