Christian Sympathy Gifts

Christian Sympathy Gifts

Death is universal, but accepting the loss of a loved one is the most difficult thing in the world. Although comforting words from friends and family can soothe a grieving heart, many find that their belief in God and His sayings can bring ultimate peace and help heal the pain.

Christian sympathy gifts like a Bible, rosary, angel candle, collection of quotes based on God’s tender reassurance and compassion, or music CDs composed to bless the grieving Christian’s heart can comfort the mourner and remind the family of God’s presence. Some unique Christian sympathy gifts are an angel of remembrance figurine, inspirational books designed to encourage and uplift the bereaved, memorial candles, pewter crosses and memorial photo frames engraved with scriptures. Another unique Christian sympathy gift one can present to a grieving family is an angel pin that a distressed family can cherish for many years.

Some of the best sympathy gifts can be an inscribed passage from the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes, reminding us of the eternal cycle of life or lithographic prints of a traditional Irish Blessing or the timeless prayer for Serenity. Some of the inspirational books like In the Arms of God, Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief, Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul, When God Doesn’t Make Sense, and Mourning & Mitzvah also make fitting bereavement gifts. A wide variety of inspirational Christian artwork also makes perfect gifts to bring comfort to those who are grieving.

Christian sympathy gifts not only bring comfort to your friend or loved one as they grieve, but also confirm their faith in God. Words of compassion paired with a comforting book based on Bible scripture indeed heals and provides faith to a mourner, and he would also feel your prayers each time he uses these heartfelt gifts.

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