DMX’s Brain Activity Test Results Have Been Released

Brain activity tests administered on DMX have reportedly revealed that he has yet to regain brain function.

According to TMZ, on Wednesday (April 7), the 50-year-old rapper underwent a series of tests showing a lack of improvement in brain activity since he was first rushed to the hospital on April 2. 

His family is allegedly grappling with the difficult decision over whether to take X, born Earl Simmons, off life support. 

The three-time Grammy nominee currently remains in a coma at White Plains Hospital in New York. 

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According to The New York Times, DMX’s manager Nakia Walker said he is currently in a “vegetative state.” 

TMZ reports the overdose occurred in the rapper’s home before midnight on April 2 and caused his heart attack.

DMX has battled substance abuse for years and has been to rehab several times. His most recent inpatient treatment was in 2019.

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