Experiencing Art From Anywhere, with Michelle, Henry Art Liaison

The Henry Art Liaisons are a group of passionate students from the University of Washington who aim to create a bridge between you and the art at the Henry. Here, Liaison Michelle Ma guides you through Elaine Cameron-Weir’s “STAR CLUB REDEMPTION BOOTH” from her home in Taipei. In connecting this global context, Michelle also introduces us to artists she admires who are local to her.

Find out more about The Henry:
Official website: https://henryart.org/
Our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/henryartgal…
Henry Art Liaison Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/henryartlia…

Found out more about Elaine Cameron-Weir and “STAR CLUB REDEMPTION BOOTH”:
Link to the exhibit: https://henryart.org/exhibitions/elai…
Video on the “A toothless grin. A STAR EXPANSION! GLOBE OF DEATH”: https://vimeo.com/270877160
Video on Cameron-Weir’s writings: https://youtu.be/Sq0OFJmBBP8

Read this UW daily article on the exhibit:

Learn more about Yi Ming Huang (黃逸民):
Tainan Art Museum Exhibit website: https://www.tnam.museum/exhibition/de…
Watch this interview with him: https://youtu.be/X7CEcT0cDUM

Learn more about Aruwai KAUMAKAN (武玉玲):
Taipei Fine Art Museum Exhibit website: https://www.taipeibiennial.org/2020/e…
Watch Her Interview Video: https://youtu.be/bjW_g_F4xYc
Read this Article about Her: https://garlandmag.com/loop/taipei-bi…

Photo credits:
00:27 Berette Macaulay
01:06 Jonathan Vanderweit
01:58-04:20 Rosa Lasley
04:26 Elaine Cameron-Weir
04:53-06:13 Rosa Lasley
06:34-09:17 Michelle Ma
09:20 Jonathan Vanderweit

Elaine Cameron-Weir: STAR CLUB REDEMPTION BOOTH is organized by Nina Bozicnik, Curator.
Music: YouTube Audio Library, Lord of The Dawn by Jesse Gallagher
Video edit by Michelle Ma

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