Fantasia Hospitalized Over Pregnancy Complications

In 2020, Fantasia Barrino announced she was expecting her first child with husband Kendall Taylor. Now, only six months into her pregnancy, the singer shared she’s experiencing contractions and is in the hospital.

Posting a series of videos to her Instagram Story, Fantasia provided fans an update on her condition.

“Good morning. We’ve been in the hospital all day,” she began. “We have to stay in the hospital for a while. My baby girl thinks she’s missing something out here, but she’s got to stay in here a little longer.”

Additionally, Barrino praised her husband for his support.

“I thank God for my husband. He’s over there knocked out, poor thing! He’s been riding in there with me,” she said, adding that her contractions were “starting to come down now.”

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“My body is just tired, but we’ve got this,” Fantasia said during the video she posted.

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