How to paint black skin colors in a dark complexion portrait. Portrait painting by Ben Lustenhouwer.

Portrait painting: A simple and easy way to understand the approach to mixing black skin tone. By Ben Lustenhouwer.
Many people have asked me to explain the basic colors of a dark skin complexion.
There are of course countless variations of a dark skin tone. More than a fair skin. I tried to approach the composition of the colors of this skin colors as elementary as possible.
Perhaps in the future I will pay attention to a lighter version of the tinted skin.

It is my intention to publish more of everything I know about portrait painting .
And I want this information to be free for everyone. Some compensation for my efforts comes from the publicity which you see appearing occasionally. I hope you don’t find it too annoying.
Until now I received the most nice and grateful reactions from all over the world.
And that gives me a lot of satisfaction.

In my blog you will find even more information about portrait painting and a free eBook “One hundred portraits”:

My gallery:

The website of my cousin Will Sophie who wrote and performed the most fantastic compositions for me:

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