Living In Seattle (2021) – Capitol Hill Post CHAZ/CHOP!

I’ve had many friends and family both in Washington and outside of the state ask how life is like in Seattle (specifically Capitol Hill) now after a chaotic 2020 with the pandemic and protests, so I made this video to show from a first hand experience how the city has rebounded.

In this video, I’ve focused on Capitol Hill since it was ground zero for the CHOP/CHAZ and the protest activities the city experienced this past summer. It is also the premier location for living and entertainment for Seattleites prior to the pandemic and protests, so I figured you all would want to see this neighborhood most.

Many people have started to move back into Seattle downtown corridor, but have avoided Capitol Hill with the fear of it not being safe – I spent time roaming the core of the neighborhood where the autonomous zone was to show you all first hand the current state.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video!

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FTC Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored video. These are all my honest & real opinions.

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