Low Impact Low Intensity Aerobics | Baby Boomers | 45 Minutes | Get 3000 Steps & More, Lose Weight!

Low Impact Low Intensity Aerobics workout for baby boomers and senior fitness and everyone else. The workout workout will get you at least 3000 steps and more, reduce the risk of injury with post workout stretching your body. This workout will help you lose weight and feel good about yourself. The exercise moves are safe and effective to help you lose weight. There is no jumping, no equipment needed. You can join me in my live zoom low impact workout, go to https://www.pauleugene.com for more information.

It is advise to do cardio exercise at least 20 minutes a day and strength training at least one day a week to be fit. To be fit is to be able to do everyday chores without a struggle. You can find more fitness tips at https://www.pauleugene.com

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