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Synopsis: The Youth Movie “My Girlfriend is My Teacher” is about a school love story: Wen Siyu, a beautiful student teacher, comes to Chengnan School. Then the boring schoolyard suddenly bursts into a buzz. The situation of the arbitrary teaching director has also been challenged. The Prince of the campus, Jin Yingjun, and Lu Zhiqiang, a simple guy with a 40-year-old appearance and so on. They all started arduous battles for getting this beautiful woman. They launched several love offensives but ended with failures. The failure of the teaching director’s pursuit made him suspect Wen Siyu. At this time, with the arrival of the school celebration day, an interesting thing has happened, classroom windows trembled abnormally, man and woman’s body entanglement silhouette shadowed, whose red high-heel that showed in front of the teaching director?

Studio: Fang Quan Media
Producer: Sai Shenglong
Director: Wu Can
Writer: Zhang Yaguo
Starring: Yu Shiwen, Zhang Zongmin, Wang Yuewen, Chen Qingzhong
Genres: #Youth

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