Now, The Internet can Save Your Marriage!

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Now, The Internet can Save Your Marriage!

Is your marriage in trouble?
Are you on the brink of a divorce?
Need some therapy?
Marriage Counseling has long been the most effective way re-building and saving your marriage. It’s a structured process where a professional counselor lets you and your partner explore the problem areas in your marriage and guides you to ways of overcoming them. Only this time its not your friendly marriage counselor in the neighborhood we are talking about, it’s the new age online marriage counseling, courtesy the internet.
Online Marriage Counseling is turning the traditional face to face counseling practice on its head. Gone are the days when couples had to build up their courage and discuss their personal lives and secrets with an unknown counselor face to face at the risk of losing all privacy. Thanks to the internet now couples and individual partners can log on to the numerous marriage counseling sites and discuss their martial issues with a trained counselor via e-mail. These sites are usually run and managed by expert marriage counselors who want to offer their services across the globe.
Dr. Marriage ( is an excellent online marriage counseling site run by Dr. Andy Smith (Phd-Counseling Psychology) and Dr. Martha Smith (Phd-Marriage Therapy) both expert marriage and relationship counselors. On you can get expert marriage counseling from them via e-mail from the comfort and privacy of your home.
Another advantage of counseling on the net is the low fee. A personal counseling sessions with a qualified marriage counselors would cost anywhere between $150-$500 per session, on the other hand charges a nominal fee of only $25 per e-mail session. You are given structured email responses in response to your queries and are also advised on future course of action. You can choose how many sessions you want and when you want them. Counseling via e-mail gives you and your partner total privacy, flexibility to write down your thoughts and issues in e-mail and is convenient and cost effective too.
Author: Dr. Andy Smith [Phd]

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