NY Politicians Introduce Bill Banning Terminated Police Officers From Rehire in the State

The state of New York is trying to pass a law that will not allow police officers who were terminated from their jobs to obtain another law enforcement job anywhere else in the state.

According to CBS News, New York State Senator Brian Benjamin, City Council member Francisco Moya, and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson have constructed a bill that will not allow police officers who’ve been terminated from their positions from getting hired by other departments in other jurisdictions in the state of New York.

“If you have the power and the privilege to enforce the law, you must be held to a higher standard,” Benjamin told CBS News. “That standard has to include making sure that cops know that they can’t just do whatever they want to do. Accountability is a must. It is the first step to justice.”

Rev. Al Sharpton was also in attendance to support the efforts of the trio.

“We’ve seen police officers fired from their posts for their actions, and then go work for the police force in another jurisdiction. This is not right,” Sharpton said Saturday in a press release. “The family of Eric Garner never even saw a courtroom. This family never got a chance to hear if their son’s killer was ruled guilty. In this moment, following the trial of George Floyd, New York needs to stand up and legislate, and that’s what these leaders are doing.”

According to The Hill, the bill would prevent any police officer who resigns while under investigation, while facing criminal charges, or while facing disciplinary action that could result in their firing from being hired by any other police department in the state of New York.

Last month, the New York City Council passed a series of reforms for the New York Police Department (NYPD), which included ending qualified immunity for police officers, which has protected them from being sued.

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