Ruff Ryders’ Drag-On Chokes Up As He Recalls ‘Brother’ DMX

Drag-On was a major part of the Ruff Ryders rap dynasty during the late 90s and early 2000s and made many memorable appearances alongside DMX, Eve and The Lox.

On Saturday (April 10), Drag-On posted an emotional video tribute on his Instagram account, thanking people for sending him well-wishes, condolences and more.

“I just appreciate all the love you’re showing my brother because he was the one who put me on the map, he was a good dude on a whole nother level,” he said in the video.

Additionally in the caption, Drag said that X was one of his few friends in the music business and really wishes he was still around physically.

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“I will forever be your little brother … and I wish you didn’t leave me bro ,, cause now I’m really down here by my self in this industry,” he wrote. “I don’t have any brothers or sisters so you was my only brother.. and too my fans I am so sorry but I just haven’t been my normal self,, but I will get back because I know him and I know he would want me to be stronger,, but I’m just not at the moment.. excuse me.”

DMX passed away on Friday (April 9) after suffering a heart attack a week earlier. He reportedly suffered an alleged drug overdose on April 2 and was described as being in grave condition at a White Plains, New York, hospital.

View Drag-On’s Instagram post about DMX below.

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