START HERE-Reading Black Indie Romance | Recommending Romance Ep. 3

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my interview w/ Christina C. Jones Here:
Watch my Interview w/Love Belvin Here:



|| ABOUT ME ||

I’m a Nigerian-American writer and book obsessed artist based out of NC & NYC. You will hear me gush and rave about the books I love and vent/rant about the books…I’m not so fond of lol I will also talk about writing and my novel writing/playwright(ing) process a lot-if you like that sort of thing. I read a wide variety, across all genres and ‘age’ groups. This channel is a little less hauls, a little more discussion, activism, vlogs and wrap-ups. You will discover a TON of new author faves here. I LOVE indie books and indie authors and my kindle is my BFF. I also love fantasy in all it’s forms and classic children’s literature. I’m a die hard romantic and Romance with a little something else thrown in (fantasy, sci-fi, history) is my idea of book heaven. As Romance is my favorite genre-#blackromance and #blackindieromance is everything. Join me for the laughs, tears, realness, deep thoughts and all around good vibes. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you join the OhSheReads Family! Make sure to subscribe and hit the noticicaiton bell for more videos!


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