A Black, Female Engineer Holds Two World Record Titles For Her Vintage Gaming Collection

Back in the 1990s, retro gaming classics from Nintendo to PlayStation were hot items for gamers who wanted to have fun at home. Linda Guillory, 51, is an electrical engineer from Texas who holds two w...

Jackson State Holds Commencement For Class Of 1970

The original ceremony was canceled after a police shooting.

Former Negro League Park, Holds Groundbreaking to Renovate NJ Baseball Arena

An old Negro League stadium is being resurrected after several decades of being dormant! According to MLB, Hinchliffe Stadium, located in Paterson, New Jersey, which was once home to the old Negro Lea...

The First Lady Holds Nothing Back on a New The Oval

The President’s rendezvous takes an unexpected turn, and the First Lady seeks an affair of her own on an all-new Tyler Perry’s The Oval, Tuesday at 9/8c.