Naomi Osaka Debuts New Skincare Brand

Find out details about her new skincare brand, KINLÒ!

Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Launches Skincare Line, Kinló

The current U.S. Open tennis champion is continuing her winning ways off the tennis court, launching her own skincare line, Kinló. The beauty line will focus on the needs of Blacks and People Of Color...

Vaseline And Leading Dermatologists Dispel Skincare Myths

Join the Zoom to bring awareness about skincare inequities.

How Vaseline's Equitable Skincare for All Builds Trust

Tai Beauchamp asks a panel of dermatologists to clear up common skincare myths about moisturizing and coconut oil, and the doctors weigh in on the value of establishing trust in health care.

Vaseline Is Raising Awareness About Equity in Skincare

Tai Beauchamp chats with dermatologists Dr. Caroline Robinson and Dr. Elyse Love about the importance of the Equitable Skincare for All campaign and cultural competence in health care.

Vaseline And HUEDs: Equitable Skincare For All

The Zoom discussion will address skincare inequities.

Why HUED Strives to Create Equitable Skincare for All

HUED founder Kimberly Wilson chats with Tai Beauchamp about her company teaming up with Vaseline on Equitable Skincare for All to address healthcare disparities in BIPOC communities.