The Senior Man with David Lindsey (Episode 4) – How Does A Millennial Learn From A Baby Boomer?

The role of “The Senior Man” is essential to the Fire Service. We’re proud to present this eight-part interview series with David Lindsey (2nd Driver, Ret.), sponsored by Iron Fox Tool Co.

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I hope this video, 1) helps you become more confident in your craft of Firefighting, and 2) Sparks a conversation with your crew and Officers.

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More to come next week. Until then… Roll Steady.


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Dallas Fire-Rescue does not endorse or promote [most of] these videos. I am an adjunct instructor that does produce content specifically for the Department on occasion that is posted here as well. However, these videos are for educational purposes only. Always talk with your Officer and crew before implementing anything you see here on The Roll Steady.

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