Trevor Jackson Drops New Album Called ‘Love Language’

Jackson’s first love has always been music, but he has made a name for himself in Hollywood starring opposite Yara Shahidi in Grown-ish and in additional roles on ABC’s American Crime, the Netflix Original Burning Sands, and his lead role in the remake of 1972 blaxploitation crime film Superfly.

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In “Love Language” Jackson delivers an unforgettable message about how we can all use more love in our lives, especially during these crazy times.  

“Music is often how I’m able to express myself on all the levels of love,” Jackson told BET during a virtual interview.

“I don’t think love is always happy. Sometimes there’s sadness. Sometimes there’s frustration, there’s confusion, but there’s also peace, love, joy, all the positive things as well. It’s a combination of those things that make something work. I don’t think any relationship is just perfect from top to bottom. It takes the right balance of all of those things to make something last and I feel like I was really able to express myself on this album.”

Ahead of the album’s drop on March 26, watch more from BET’s interview with Trevor Jackson to learn more about his musical journey, the influence Usher has on him, and more! Click on the video below. 

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