Twitter Reacts to Candace Owens Being ‘Totally Fine With Jodie Turner Playing the Role of Anne Boleyn’

When we are looking for a controversy to ensue, we always know we can count on a young lady named Candace Owens to fill the order!

There have been rumblings regarding the news of Black actress Jodie Turner-Smith being selected to play the role of King Henry VIII of England’s second wife, Anne Boleyn in a project for U.K.’s Channel 5. White people are outraged that a Black woman was selected to play the part of a white woman. The three-part miniseries is being called a “propulsive psychological thriller, told from a new perspective.”

The controversial conservative is known for stirring people up with her commentary, specifically when it comes to anything having to do with Black people. She chimed in last week with a Twitter post.

Twitter users, as expected, responded:

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