What Do I Think About Life Coaches?

Hi Kati! I think an interesting video would be your thoughts on life coaching. I’m seeing this sprout up more and more and I wonder how therapists feel about this trend.
First I think it’s important to know if someone is a real certified life coach or someone who just calls themselves a life coach. Both can help you, but making sure someone is certified can ensure you are in good hands. Or at least mean that they have completed some sort of training. Now in order to become a real life coach you have to complete a training program, get certified but every state may have their own laws and regulations, so it could be different all around the world, so make sure you ask. Because if someone is certified that means that have at least 300-500 coaching hours under the belt.
Now here is what I think about life coaches overall. They can be very helpful when you just need another perspective or a kick in the pants to get you going on something. You would be surprised how helpful it can be to just get some advice and action items from someone who isn’t a friend or family member. Where I feel coaches don’t help completely is when we have real mental health issues that we think could be a mental illness. As a therapist I have no problem working with a life coach to ensure you are getting what you need from both of us, but that’s really where I draw the line.
I do know that some mental health professionals don’t like life coaches because many don’t go through certifications, and only hinder their treatment with patients. Some going against what their therapist or psychiatrist said and slowly a patient’s progress. But just like any job, there are people who are good at their job and people who totally suck.
And finally, how I feel about them cropping up more and more and the feeling that this is a trend? I think it’s great! If there is ever any trend that encourages people to talk about how they feel and get some sage advice from someone else I am all for it
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