What Encompasses Strong Spirituality

What Encompasses Strong Spirituality

Spirituality is a state of mind that comes from communing with self and with the Supreme Being. While it is often said to be borne out of finding peace and purpose in one’s life, it is still often related to faith and religion. Quite commonly religion is the way by which a person finds that peace even in solitude. There are of course other ways by which an individual get in touch with one’s spirituality.
Regardless of the manner or process by which one attains spirituality, there is no question that spirituality is the power that drives how a person lives. One question that often bugs one’s consciousness is if their faith and spirituality are strong enough. To this effect, one may wonder what comprises strong spirituality. Here are some “classical” expectations:
• People with strong spirituality have unwavering faith to their religion or whatever philosophy that they embrace. This is manifested in the way they fiercely and boldly hold close their values in the face of adversity. They consider harsh conditions as trials to strengthen further their faith. They regard their spirituality as the fortress that defends them against hostilities.
• People with strong spirituality exhibit wholesome character whether they are confronted by grief and failure. They are happy and positive people who infect others with their optimism. They are kind, patient, caring, trustworthy, reliable, and selfless among other things. Hence, they are generally well-liked by people they know. They are a source of inspiration for the people around them.
• They are like magnets and their positive traits draw people to them. They enjoy good personal relationships with the people around them –their family, friend, fellow workers, and neighbors. They get all the support they need in the same way that they support their support to others who need it without being asked. They inspire people in a constructive way. People draw strength from highly spiritual people.
• They adhere to doing what is right and fair for others and for themselves. Thus, they avoid anything that can bring harm – alcohol, smoking, unhealthy diet, gambling, drugs and even people who can be vexations to their spirituality. Casting what may bring them and others to harm is something they do instinctively without being asked. They may still fall occasionally to dangers because that is what life us all about. Yet, they can scramble out of it and take the experience in a positive way, as a source of learning and further inspiration.
• One would know if they are spiritually strong when they can forego materialism and wealth because they are happy in their faith and contented with the basic things that they need to live. Succeeding is focused on being able to improve as a person to grow personally and for others. Material success means having the ability and opportunity to help others in need. Material bounty and resources are viewed as gifts from the Supreme Being that need to be used judiciously and wisely for the benefit of many.
People with strong faith need not focus on what comprises strong spirituality because these dawn on them naturally. Spirituality is like light that shines through them. They illumine the lives of others and are happy to be that. They are inspiring, happy, contented people that cannot just be defeated by life’s trials and crisis.

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