What TD Mutual Funds Have to Offer

What TD Mutual Funds Have to Offer

Making the right choice of mutual funds does not come in handy considering that there are several thousands mutual funds on the roster. And the process becomes even harder since the performance of mutual funds could neither be predicted nor projected and therefore the selection could not be based on ads and present ratings. However, selecting mutual funds can be based on the services offered.

The TD mutual funds make it easier for you to invest to them your money. TD mutual funds offer more than 50 funds and 25 professionally managed portfolios giving you wide choices, and competitive portfolios. As a result, TD mutual funds have become the most diversified mutual funds in Canada. These wide choices equate to bigger investment opportunities. The investors can also choose funds that range from the most conservative to the most aggressive.

TD mutual funds also provide wide range of resources and services like fund updates, investment news, tools and more so that investors would know the movements and activities of their investments for better confidence and share monitoring.

With several types of funds, you can surely select at least on that is right for you. The category ranges from, Money Market Funds, Income Funds, Balanced and Growth Funds, Index Funds, Global Funds, and Sector Funds.

Money Market Funds keep your investment safe and secured with its low investment risk. When you take the Money Market Funds you can readily get the interest income easy and fast.

Income Funds are low-risk investment concentrating on giving invertors a regular income. So whether you have a short-term investment goal or simply want to have a regular cash flow, income funds is right for you

Taking the Balanced and Growth Funds, you can benefit both on growth potential and income of your shares.

Index Funds provide you with the advantage on low cost tax efficiencies.

Global Funds send your investments on offshore companies that have the great potential to grow.

Sector Funds send your investments on specific sectors in the industry.

Opening a TD mutual fund account is very affordable. The TD Mutual Funds Registered Savings Plan Account begins at $100 and the Mutual Funds Non-Registered Account begins at $1,000.

TD mutual funds serve every investor with open-line communication. All the queries about your account or the status of your account, and the market movement could be answered through the TD Investment Services Mutual Funds Representatives. This will ensure every investor that they keep updated with the activities of their investments.

All these and more when you entrust your investments at TD mutual funds.

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