White Twitter User Attacks Claire Huxtable, Black Twitter Reacts

Mother’s Day was almost without controversy until a white Twitter user went after one of Black America’s favorite and possibly most popular TV mothers.

Twitter user, Lisa Talmadge, provoked some angry Twitter users when she responded on Twitter to posts that placed “The Cosby Show’s” Claire Huxtable character, played by actress Phylicia Rashad, as one of the best TV mothers.

“Claire Huxtable was an enabler of the longest and most prolific drug rape predator In US history, Bill Cosby. Everyone on set knew he was a sadistic predator. Everyone. 75 women drugged and raped by Cosby and he got away with it because of enablers,” the social media post read before it was deleted by Talmadge.


Lisa Talmadge Tweet
(Image: Twitter)


Twitter users immediately went on the attack against Talmadge, defending Rashad and lambasting her for not recognizing that Rashad had nothing to do with her TV husband, Bill Cosby’s, actions that led to his imprisonment.

Earlier today, Talmadge returned to Twitter to apologize for that Tweet she posted and then deleted.

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